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Pretty doctor crazy-eyes.

I'm thoughtful about Peter Capaldi.

I'm still rather new to this whole Doctor Who thing. My friend ladyyatexel got me into it (blame her) and I'm in the interesting position of having just gotten past "Journey's End" and suddenly skipping far ahead to this brand new excitingly-eyebrowed Doctor.

Gosh, he's a bit different, isn't he!

Do I like it? I'm not sure. I mean, I'm definitely swayed by the fact that he's incredibly gorgeous. I'm kiiind of a sucker for beetle-browed gents of dubious morals. But wow, he's heartless compared to Ten or Nine, both of whom might've stopped for a moment of sadness after feeding somebody a battery to make their corpse trackable.

I hear there are other heartless Doctors. I hear Seven was a ball of trouble.

I wonder what switch flips to make that happen? I wonder if he has a moral malfunction too? Or maybe the others are the malfunction... too much altruism makes you dead, after all...

Just thoughts.
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I've seen some meta - probably on TV Tropes - that each new Doctor is a reflection of the one who came before. So for Twelve to be heartless might be a reflection that the last Doctor or two was hiding their darkness, so now it comes out full throttle.
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Now, I haven't seen any of Twelve yet. But one of the things with Eleven is that he wasn't wacky through-and-through; he used it to hide the deep pain and sadness he felt that Ten could process effectively. This might be a backlash.
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It's a pattern that seems to fit.